Skye Carter: Hearing For The First Time

19 Oct

Last month, the Alfred Mann Foundation commissioned me to direct a short documentary film (click HERE to watch) about Skye Carter, a fourteen year old girl who was born completely deaf, but can now hear after receiving cochlear ear implants developed by the Al Mann foundation. The film was shown last Sunday at the foundation’s annual gala in Santa Monica, CA. To tell Skye’s story, I flew out to Chicago and filmed interviews with Skye, her mom Cheri, and her surgeon, Dr. Nancy Young. Back in L.A., I interviewed her dance instructor – celebrity choreographer Debbie Allen. I also captured footage of Skye embracing activities that would be unheard of for a deaf person, including playing the clarinet, dancing, and singing.

Cochlear Ear Implant Recipient Skye Carter

Skye Carter in the classroom

Cheri Carter, Skye’s Mom

Dr. Nancy Young (left), Skye Carter’s cochlear implant surgeon

Master Choreographer Debbie Allen, Skye Carter’s dance instructor

This short documentary marked the first project shot on my new Sony FS100 camera. Unlike my Sony EX-1, the FS100 is a large sensor camera which produces richer images and shallow depth of field – similar to a DSLR, but with all the capabilities of a professional video camera. On this shoot, I used three lenses with my FS100: a Zeiss Makro 50mm F/2, a Zeiss Makro 10mm F/2, and a Sony Zeiss 16-35mm F/2.8 zoom lens.


One Response to “Skye Carter: Hearing For The First Time”

  1. Cheri October 25, 2011 at 8:19 PM # was truly a pleasure to work with you. The documentary is outstanding. Thank you for capturing our story and displaying it beautifully. Sincerely..Cheri

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