Profiling The World’s Greenest Greenhouse

28 Jul

Last week I shot and edited another video (click HERE to watch) for Future360, an online news magazine focused exclusively on clean tech companies. The video highlights the innovative practices of Houweling’s Tomatoes, a sustainable tomato farm based in Camarillo, California. The family-run farm grows its vine-ripened tomatoes completely under glass using renewable energy, water conservation, recycling, and land use efficiency 24 times greater than conventional field farms.

Future360 host Sarah Backhouse

] Howeling’s President & CEO Casey Houweling

Interviewing Howeling’s President & CEO Casey Houweling, with host Sarah Backhouse (top right), me (bottom-right), and production assistant Christine O’Leary (bottom-left).

Vine-ripened yellow tomatoes.

Roger George of GE Energy in front of Houweling’s 8.8 megawatt cogeneration facility


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